POS System – Inventory Management & POS System

POS – Point of Sale System

We are supplier of POS system also referred as “Point of Sale System” or “Retail Management System”. We deal in both hardware and software. Our sate of the art hardware with eye catching design is a perfect match for your business. Our cloud based point of sale system is totally customizable.

Our POS main Features

POS - Point of Sale System

Our POS System comes with everything you need. From fast-selling items just in one click to scan and sell for your busy shop. Our point of sale system has everything you will ever need. Save your time by using the POS system instead of doing it manually.

Accounts Management

Manage all your accounts from the built-in accounts management system. From payroll to sales and purchase. You can monitor, record and analyze all your account related matters.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management allows you to add new vendors and manage old vendors. Track their pricing and buy and manage stock with different pricing. Vendor management in your POS system is your entire solution to manage your vendors.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard for your POS system helps you manage everything. From user management to vendor management, you can manage everything from your admin dashboard.

Stock / Inventory Management

You can manage your inventory, perform stock takes. The inventory management system is one of the key modules in our POS. This tracks your sales and insistently updates your inventory accordingly. Get notified for low stock and many more features.


Get all the reports the way you want it. Sales report, purchase report, stock report, low stock report, profit/loss statement, and many other customized reports. Now the reporting works your way.

How We Do

Our Point of Sale System features

Quick / Fast Selling items

With all the fast selling itmes on your screen, you can easily sell hot products just by one click via our advanced POS system. Whether it is a clothing store, a pizza shop, or a resturant. Our point of sale system is designed for everyone.

POS System fast selling main screen

Vendor Management - manage all your suppliers in POS system

Vendor Management

Have you ever had difficulty in managing your vendors? We understand it is difficult to have different vendors or same kind of products and that with different pricing. Even the same vendor keeps on changing their pricing. To track everything. Our state of the arts Point of Sale system manages your vendors the right way.

Accounts / Inventory

Manage all your accounts with our POS system. Now you can manage all your sales and purchases, inventory, low stock and many other stuff. Account management system is an ideal module for bussiness owners who want to maintain their accounts so you dont have to rush and do everything at the last moment.

Inventory and account management in POS system

Track sales - monitor reports - Point of sales system

Track Sales. Monitor Reports

Track yours sales, daily sales, income/loss, annual sales, cash flows, inventory tracking sheet, best sales, taxes, customer statistics and many more much needed features in a Point of sale system.





WhatClients Say

We do not only provide POS system, we provide complete inventory management system along with it. We also entertain customised software request. We offer a wide array of releated softwares such as ERP, resturant management system, school management system, clinic management system, attendenance management system and several other services.

[testimonial_slider type=”penta”][testimonial_item name=”John Anderson” img=”8876″ subtitle=”Clothing Store owner” testimonial_content=”One of the best Point of sale system I have ever used. Complete manages everything in my clothing store.” second_social=”instagram”][testimonial_item name=”Lida Smith” img=”8880″ subtitle=”Restaurant Owner” testimonial_content=”I bought their POS system for my restaurant. Everything is so quick and fast now. Plus customization helped me a lot to manage my restaurant.” first_social=”instagram” second_social=”linkedin” third_social=”vimeo” fourth_social=”pinterest”][/testimonial_slider]

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