Xbox project Scorpio pre-order page created

All the Xbox aficionados are about to miss a heartbeat. Microsoft just added a pre-order page to order the version of Xbox that everyone has been eagerly waiting for, the newest Xbox Project Scorpio. Rumors about the newest Xbox has been circulating around the net for quite some time now. There were lots of speculation about what new features would be added in the gaming device. While the complete details are still not confirmed but here are what features are officially released on the Microsoft page. Xbox Project Scorpio Holiday 2017 The most......

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Microsoft Might Make A Folding Device

Are you bored with your smartphone? Do you want something innovative? Well. Microsoft might be planning to make a folding device in the future. Microsoft’s Folding Device The concept of flexible and folding mobile phones is nothing new; Lenovo already has a concept phone that you can wrap around your wrist and Samsung is said to be making a device that can bend. A Microsoft patent, which was filed in 2015, which has been published demonstrates how Microsoft may try to make devices that are foldable in half. The patent has been written by......

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